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At Lavender, we offer comprehensive franchising services that include:

1. Negotiation:

We represent you in the negotiation process with potential parties to obtain franchise rights and ensure you obtain the best terms and benefits.

2. Creating and drafting franchise agreements:

We help you draft comprehensive franchise agreements that suit your needs and ensure that your rights and interests are legally protected.

3. Advice:

We provide legal and strategic advice on all matters related to franchising and help you make sound and informed decisions.

4. Litigation of disputes:

In the event of legal disputes related to franchise agreements, we represent you and resolve disputes effectively and in your best interest.
We understand the importance of franchising as a strategic tool to expand business and increase reach, which is why we strive to provide high-quality services that help you achieve your business goals and achieve sustainable success in franchise operations. Thanks to our experience and qualified intellectual property experts, we offer you full support in all aspects of the franchise to ensure maximum benefits and full protection of your rights in the market.