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IP Licensing

IP Licensing

At Lavender, we understand the importance of licensing intellectual property to allow you to commercialize and exploit your creativity and innovations in different ways and in different territories. We provide comprehensive intellectual property licensing services to help you make the most of your creative work, increase your revenues, and expand your products and services.

Our IP licensing services include:

1. Determine the licensing strategy:

We analyze your creativity and intellectual rights and determine the appropriate strategy to license them in the best way and in the largest possible number of markets.

2. Negotiations and contract preparation:

We negotiate with parties interested in licensing your intellectual rights and prepare the necessary legal contracts to ensure the protection of your rights and interests.

3. Executing and monitoring licenses:

We provide the necessary support to implement contracts, monitor agreed commitments and ensure compliance with terms and conditions.

4. License renewal:

We help you renew licenses on a regular basis to preserve your intellectual rights and prevent licenses from expiring.

At Lavender, we guarantee to provide you with highly professional intellectual property licensing services. Let us help you exploit your creativity and ideas in the best ways and achieve the maximum value of your intellectual works in the market. We strive to achieve your success and continuous development.