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Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights

Registration of Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, and Industrial Designs Lavender can register trademarks, patents, copyrights and industrial designs in any country throughout the world through its offices and a series of professional experts in this field in countries where it does not have offices. Such experts have been selected meticulously on bases of their good quality services, credibility and transparency. Lavender is distinguished in the field of intellectual property services since you can rely on it as one focal hub and connecting point for all your registration processes in any country throughout the world.

Inspection of Registered Trademarks

Lavender enjoys the abilities to carry out inspections of registered trademarks that are deposited all over the world at a record level of high speed. The Corporation also offers a free of charge service in providing required advice in the potentials of trademark registration in any country all over the world and at the same time giving reasons for that.

Design of Logos & Trademarks

Lavender employs the best professional designers in the field of designing logos and trademarks at the highest and best possible professional level. Our designers enjoy creative sense that connects the proposed trademark to the quality of the required service or product.

Monitoring of Trademarks Registered Through Our Offices

One of the main privileges that our clients can have is that their registered trademarks are intensively monitored to detect any infringement that may occur by any other third party. Our clients are immediately informed of such infringements and advised to take any necessary legal procedures to stop such violations. Objection against any Trademarks that are Similar to Our Clients Trademarks And Representing Them If Their Registrations Were Challenged Lavender has the ability to object any trademark in any country and to take all legal procedures to stop and cancel the brand if it poses any threat to the interests of our customers and their trademarks. It can also respond to all objections filed against the trademarks of our clients and to exert its best efforts in order to make their registration remain in force.

Offering Professional Advice in All Aspects of Intellectual Property

Lavender can provide all kinds of tips for companies, individuals and researchers in any field of intellectual property. This service is considered one of our basic duties and at the heart of our main functions The company adopts transparency as its slogan.

Responsibility for Local Community Development

Lavender bear the moral responsibility to contribute in any way to the development of the local community. To achieve this mission, the company has embarked from time to time to provide free training for students to educate them in topics related to the intellectual property and its renovations either in their offices or in the halls dedicated to this purpose. The aim of this is to develop their culture and expand their knowledge of intellectual property types, its importance for the protection of their mental products and consequently the prosperity and development of their businesses.

Managing Intellectual Property Portfolios

Through its experts,Lavender offers its services in the management of intellectual property portfolios. This service includes the protection for all relevant elements at the lowest possible cost, and at the same time, the exclusion of other elements that do not have any significant benefits, while ensuring to cover all the gaps.